We are very pleased that you are visiting our website and want to read our publication "The new generation of Permanent Makeup" second edition. 


The scale of problems and unanswered questions that we encountered during our daily work prompted us to write the first edition of our manual. Our intention was to collect, systematize and place in one place the most important aspects related to the work of a linergist, so that you would not have to make the same mistakes that we have already made.


In order to skillfully pigment human skin, you must not only have talent for it, but also have extensive, current theoretical knowledge in this field. The success of the first edition showed how much this science is needed, so after 3 years we decided to update our manual to make it the most perfect source of knowledge in the field of permanent makeup.

Our cooperation itself is an extraordinary experience for us. Even though we perform the same treatments, our approach to them is often significantly different. Despite this, we have the same conclusions and therefore the nature of our publication results from different experiences and points of view.


The information presented in the book relates to our current experience, awareness of pigmentation and skills and knowledge acquired over the years.

If we had received such a compendium of knowledge at the beginning of our work as a linergist, our path to success would be much simpler and more pleasant.

We invite you to our world of permanent makeup.

Thanks to this book


"The new generation of Permanent Makeup"

It is a collection of over 100 pages of specific and factual knowledge that will allow you to better understand the pigmentation process, systematize your existing knowledge, and broaden your horizons in this profession.

We are not associated with any brand, nor are we representatives of any company, so the information contained therein is objective and based on our observations. All information contained in this book is a collection of our experience and knowledge gained during studies and training, as well as through years of practice as a linergist. Valuable comments, conclusions and tips in various aspects will certainly make you learn even more and feel more confident as a specialist in the PMU industry.

„To see your mistakes is intelligence. To admit them is humility. Not to commit them again is wisdom.”

Author: Thomas Alva Edison

About Us


She holds the title of a certified permanent makeup trainer, a master's degree in cosmetology, a teacher and a coach. A long-time trainer cooperating with the Krakow Cosmetics Academy. Speaker at the PMU Online conference and Beauty Business congresses. She had the pleasure of being a juror in the International Permanent Makeup Championship WULOP Polska, as well as a multiple juror of the Online Permanent Makeup Championship. Author of articles for the trade press. He has been running the Euforia Kosmetologia PMU Holistyka office in Wadowice for over 13 years.



Certified permanent makeup trainer, Master of Science in cosmetology and teacher. She has been running her Permanent Passion salon in Legnica for over 7 years. Speaker at the conference of the Upper Silesian University of Commerce in Katowice, where she also gave lectures. Author of articles for the trade press. Multiple juror in the Online Permanent Makeup Championships.


We met during permanent makeup training studies. We were united by our mission and the desire to deepen our knowledge and awareness of everyday work. Many months of work on the second edition of "New PMU Generation" allowed us to once again present our point of view on many important aspects of permanent makeup.

To become the best linergist you need to go a certain way. We hope,

this book will make it much easier for you!

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